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Nuke plant in safe operation for 20 yrs
Date: 2011/11/28 Click: 2511
China's first-ever nuclear power plant, Qinshan nuclear power plant has maintained safe and stable operation for 20 years, according to a symposium held by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) on Saturday.

During the past two decades, Qinshan nuclear power plant, situated not far away from Shanghai, has caused no accidents that either endangered human safety or impacted the environment, and none of its nuclear radiation indicators are beyond the background radiation levels of the natural environment.

From December 1991 when it started operation to October 2011, the Qinshan nuke generated 40.5 billion kWh of electricity, equivalent to saving 16 million tons of standard coal, or cutting 40 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 1.2 million tons of sulfur dioxide emissions.

Sun Qin, president of CNNC, said at the symposium that nuclear power remains a practical choice for China at the current stage, and that the company will continue exerting efforts to ensure nuclear security and explore more advanced technologies for safe and efficient development of nuclear energy in the nation.

The first phase of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant was the first nuclear power plant on the Chinese mainland which was designed, built and operated independently by domestic engineers.

The plant also has second and third phases.
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