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Date: 2011/3/28 Click: 2028

The 2011 Small-medium House Full Decoration Solutions will Unveil

As the whirligig of time, all of us would like to live in a house both functionally and artistically instead of the ones simplified. Under the time of admiring fashion, what the people need is not only marvel appearance, but also the challenge of innovation and participation. What we need is far beyond a house as the taste of us is higher then quality.

In 2011 China£¨Guangzhou£©International Building Decoration Fair, there will be a surge of outstanding designs. During that time, 3 plus full decoration house sample units with all first grade decoration products designed by famous designers will be showed omnidirectionally. Together with the exhibition, numerous forums will be held and great world well-known designers, decoration products producers, powers of real estate and audiences will present to discuss design and decoration on site. This event will be one of the most important events in China decoration industry and start a new page for decoration and design.

As the unveiling of policy curbs covering low-income housing, self-built housing and public housing on the property market, more chances have been created for small-medium real estate developers. Different from the large developers, they are short of the ability of design and integrated purchasing. So, the real exhibition on small-medium full decoration house will drive the reaction of upper and lower industries as well as help the real estate developers get brand new outstanding design solutions, and then upgrade the integrated purchasing. What is most import is it will set up a brand union for first grade decoration producers and extend their sales.

From 8-11 this July, CBDA, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, China£¨Guangzhou£©International Building Decoration Fair, Beijing Co-op Land Co., Ltd, and Co-op Land Designers Center will held the 2011 small-medium house Full Decoration Solutions in the exhibition center Pazhou Complex. In this event, 3 plus real fine decorated houses will be exhibited in 1,200 square meters. The 3 functional and avant grade designs are all designed by distinguished designers in and out of China with products offerred by first grade producers. During the exhibition, Beijing Co-op Land Co., Ltd. and Co-op Land designers center will bring producers, developers and designers together in one forums to discuss design and decoration. Japanese master Kenyahara will present the forum and share his ideas. 100 plus design directors from famous designers, home decoration cooperation and developers will be there as well.

After the July event, we will held exhibition tour in Shanghai, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi¡¯an and Beijing and make the event a national one, spreading the advanced design concepts and full decoration cooperation modes to producers and developers all over the country.

The event will lead the home decoration design to a new side called integrated decoration as well as opportunities for producers. It will be a new start for Chinese decoration industry and will inaugurate a new future for the Chinese.

Welcome you to the event!
1. Organizer
China Building Decoration Association (CBDA) consists of 81 local associates with members as many as 15,000. It also organizes one website, one newspaper, one magazine and 9 internal published magazines.

2) China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce
The All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (ACFIC) was established in 1953 and its nature and status can be generalized as a people's organization and non-governmental chamber of commerce composed of Chinese industrialists and business people under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, an organization assisting the government to manage China's non-public economy, and also a bridge linking the Party and Government and non-public economic personages.

2. Co- Organizer
China£¨Guangzhou£©International Building Decoration Fair
CBD 2011 will see an upgrade from the mode of "9 plus 3" to "8 plus 5": The matured Household section and Door & Window section are respectively separated as independent shows for the first time, namely China (Guangzhou) International Wardrobe Fair (short for CBD-Wardrobe 2011) and China (Guangzhou) International Door/ Window Fair (short for CBD-Windoor 2011) besides the previous "3" shows and "9" sections, while another "Decorative Lighting Section" is set to better the complete platform. The total 13 themes have covered all the aspects of building decoration, offering buyers an opportunity of having deep communicating with experts and insiders from different fields. All these above have seen a big step forward for "totalization and specialization", which is also one of the most outstanding advantages of CBD!

3. Undertaker
1) Beijing Co-op Land Co,. Ltd.
Co-op Land Media Corporation is a leading media and marketing service provider specializing in providing ¡°how-to¡± content and product and supplier information in China¡¯s booming home d¨¦cor, interior architecture and building materials markets. The company publishes magazines and books and develops interactive media content and television programming including two mainstream home and living magazines ¨C Home Decoration and China Architect and Interior Decoration, and more than 50 special interest publications. Co-op Land launched its web site in 2000 and now it is the leading home decor website in China, based on the ranking by iResearch, an internet research company in China. In addition, Co-op Land has developed the world¡¯s most user-friendly 3-D interactive simulation and design tool using proprietary intellectual property, and an interior designers¡¯ database which includes more than 100,000 interior designers including 20,000 active high-profile local and international designers¡¯ doing business in China. Currently, Co-op Media is launching a cable television channel to provide ¡°How-to¡± home d¨¦cor and lifestyle content to China homes. At this time, video programs are being broadcast from the website. Since 2000 Co-op Land has served more than 2000 domestic and international clients. Co-op Land is headquartered in Beijing China, with offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Fuoshan and Dongguan. Co-op Land was incepted in 1999 by the founder and CEO Mr. Wang Yongqiang, a genuine entrepreneur with US business education. Co-op Land employs 150 people as of 2008.

2) Co-op Land Designers Center
The center is endeavoring to leads the development of Chinese Interior Design Industry. Now it is the largest designers¡¯ database with 120,000 designers in China.

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