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China Suppliers & Canton Fair
Date: 2011/2/24 Click: 2124
China Import & Export Fair is the most important foreign trade fair in China. It maintains a close relationship with more than 900 industry and commerce associations all over the world. It was inaugurated in 1957, and is held in Canton twice yearly in spring and autumn. So far it has reached its 109th. The Fair has become the most comprehensive international trading event in China for its longest running history, largest & highest scale, most comprehensive merchandises, largest trader attendance and most effective business turnover. In the 108th Canton Fair, there were 199266 buyers from 202 countries and regions, and business turnover increased than the 107th Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair of 100 years' history is the most prestigious brand name in China Import & Export, and also earns its great reputation around the globe. It plays a pivotal role in import & export trading for Chinese enterprises and companies.

The Canton Fair is a great business opportunity for any enterprise. However, not all enterprises are qualified to attend the Canton Fair. All the enterprises shown in the Fair have undergone through screening, and only those with import/export achievement track record and trustworthy background meeting required criteria are qualified to participate in the Fair. To be able to participate in the Canton Fair is a symbol for status and brand name of an enterprise.

China Supplier is an official, authoritative, trustworthy, national Internet trading platform. It has been paid a lot of attention and gained extensive support from societies and all walks of life. The enterprises shown in the China Supplier are also through rigorous screening and selection. Obviously, being able to be in the China Supplier platform is a promotion to enterprise brand name. China Supplier is playing an increasingly important role in developing on-line import & export trading for Chinese enterprises and companies.

This year China Supplier would show up in the 109th Canton Fair. As an official, authoritative and trustworthy e-commerce platform, all our formal members would be introduced and recommended to participating merchants.
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