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China's growth good for U.S. workers: Gary Locke
Date: 2010/12/7 Click: 1838
China's rapid economic growth is good for the U.S. workers, and the U.S. government is committed to improving bilateral economic relations with China, said U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Thursday.

"China has lifted almost 200 million people out of poverty (in the past two decades). And in the years ahead, hundreds of millions more Chinese will ascend into the middle class," Locke said at a U.S.-China commercial relations forum, which was held in Washington ahead of the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) session scheduled for Dec. 14-15.

"The United States welcomes this growth because this is good for the people of China ... it's good for the global economy, and good for U.S. business and ultimately, U.S. workers," said Locke.

He noted that as recently as 40 years ago, the commercial relationship between the United States and China barely existed. But in the recent decades, "we have seen our countries grow progressively closer."

In 2009, the bilateral trade volume reached some 365 billion dollars. China was the largest supplier of U.S. goods imports in 2009 and was the third-largest market for U.S. exports, only after Canada and Mexico.

Locke mentioned that as U.S. Commerce Secretary, he has visited China for four times.

"Each time I visit China, I'm absolutely amazed by the transformation and the progress within China," he said.

Locke noted that although there are disagreements between the two sides, there are more opportunities for cooperation.

"In many areas, especially in emerging industries, like clean energy and biotechnology, the interests of China and the United States are tied together. And the reform as good for the U.S. will be good for China as well," he added.

Locke also revealed that during the upcoming 21st session of the JCCT in Washington D.C., the two countries will seek to further "nurture and improve the most highly-scrutinized bilateral economic relationship on Earth."

"This is our most important bilateral dialogue or mechanism for resolving trade and investment issues between our two countries," he stressed.

The session will be co-chaired by Locke and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will also join the dialogue.
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