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US intent to waive ban on C-130 export welcomed
Date: 2010/10/18 Click: 1721
China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) spokesman Yao Jian said Friday that China welcomes the US intent to waive the embargo on the export of C-130 planes to China for use in oil spill response operations.

Yao said China had taken note of US President Barack Obama's proposal to end the restrictions on C-130 military transport aircraft sales to China in a letter to the US Congress on October 8.

The waiver of this embargo reflects a positive sign sent by the US to promote its exports to China, and China welcomes all measures that are conducive to promoting the bilateral economic cooperation and boosting the bilateral trade, said Yao.

The US government's export control, which started 61 years ago, has lead to trade imbalances in the manufacturing sector between the two nations and an unstable trade environment.

China hopes that the US will further relax controls over the exports of high-tech products and adopt "fair and non-discriminatory" policies to China in the process of export control reform, he said.

China also hopes the United States to expedite the export control reform announced on August 31, in order to boost bilateral economic ties with China and to improve its trade balance, said Yao.
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