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IMF chief concerns about "currencies war"
Date: 2010/10/9 Click: 1721
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, director-general of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), said he was concerned on "the threat of a currency war" in an interview posted Thursday on the website of local daily Le Monde.

"I take very seriously the threat of a currency war, though latent," he said when underlining the context of fragile economic recovery in the world.

He expressed worries on the weakening of solidarity in international currencies and the slow reforms in financial sectors.

There exist three major risks threatening current global recovery, namely the soaring unemployment, pressure of public debt and the lack of solidarity among different governments, he added.

"I fear that with the amelioration of economic situation, the temptation of national solutions will be stronger, particularly in terms of currencies," Strauss-Kahn underlined.

He said the IMF would make proposals to avoid such risk as "currency war."

According to the IMF, present global resilience is still fragile, with robust growth in Asia, South America and Africa, but uncertainties remained in the United States and Europe.

The IMF chief expected a 5-percent growth for world economy in 2010.
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