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Global responses of RMB's reform
Date: 2010/6/23 Click: 1483
BEIJING, June 22 (Xinhaunet) -- China's decision has drawn attention from the world, now let's take a look at the responses from across the globe.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Chief of The Int'l Monetary Fund

China's announcement is a very welcomed development. The move will help increase Chinese household income and provide the incentives necessary to reorient investment toward industries that serve the Chinese consumer.

Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary

We welcome China's decision to increase the flexibility of its exchange rate. Vigorous implementation would make a positive contribution to strong and balanced global growth.

Barack Obama, US President

China's decision to increase the flexibility of its exchange rate is a constructive step that can help safeguard the recovery and contribute to a more balanced global economy.

European Commission

The Commission welcomes China's decision. Such a move will be beneficial for both the Chinese economy and the global economy.

Yoshihiko Noda, Japanese Finance Minister

We expect this move to contribute towards a stable and balanced growth in China, Asian economies, as well as the global economy.
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