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Compact tubing pump is simple and low-cost
Date: 2010/1/13 Click: 2540

An ultra compact and durable Ecoflow pump, which provides low-cost, yet highly effective liquids transfer of delicate media in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other similar critical applications.

The latest addition to the Ismatec range of tubing pumps is the ultra compact and durable Ecoflow pump which provides low-cost, yet highly effective liquids transfer of delicate media in OEM, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other similar critical applications.

Available through Michael Smith Engineers, the Ecoflow pump can be supplied either as a stand-alone benchtop design for laboratory use, or as a panel-mounted option, the Ecoflow-E (pictured).

Both options are capable of delivering flows from 100 mlitre/min up to 3800 mlitre/min, depending on which of four tubing sizes are used.

Among the important features of these new pumps is the inclusion of a safety switch which ensures that the pump can only run when the pumphead is in the closed position.

The benchtop unit has a sturdy stainless steel and PPS housing and features a multi-function control knob which can be used to vary the pumps speed and direction of rotation, in addition to turning the pump on and off.

These pumps offer users the important advantages of peristaltic pumping, for example, the pumped fluid is contained within the tube to ensure zero fluid contamination and they require minimal maintenance with the tubing being the only wearing part.

Other pumps in the Ismatec range can deliver flows from 0.001mlitre/min to 13,000 mlitre/min and are available with a choice of 10 different tubing materials, so they can handle corrosive liquids safely and easily.

They can be supplied with easily calibrated microprocessor controlled drives, making them ideally suited to applications requiring low pressure, low flow accurate pumping or dispensing.

Multi-channel pump head options are available with up to 24 channels, where each channel can deliver independently, yet simultaneously, various liquids at different flow rates.

The pumps are designed for continuous operation and can be dry-run without any problem.

The unique design characteristics of tubing pumps makes them suitable for many different fluid handling applications including sensitive, delicate and difficult media.

For example cell cultures, abrasives, inks and paints in industries such plating, food and beverage.

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