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Keywords: Mixer Granulator,high speed mixer granulator
Products No. Hopeland 204
Name:GHL High Speed Mixer Granulator
Equipment Picture
GHL High Speed Mixing Granulator is a high efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one procedure. It is wide used for pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc.
Working Principle
Stirring System is special designed of 3 stirring blades. It is driven by the gearing device and rotated under a certain speed, so that the materials are mixed under a regular screwed movement. Because stirring blades are well matched to the bottom of the drum, even the lowest materials can be mixed perfectly.
After the raw materials were well mixed and moistened, it become soft and some of them are conglomeration. They were cut by the high speed rotation cutting knives (4 rows blades). By 4 rows blades high-speed rotation cutting, the soft materials (includes conglomeration) can be cut to be small well-proportioned granule.
Technical Parameter
Items Model
10 50 150 200 250 300 400 600
10 50 150 200 250 300 400 600
3 15 50 80 100 130 200 280
Mixing speed
300/600 200/400 180/270 180/270 180/270 140/220 106/155 80/120
Mixing Power
1.5/2.2 4/5.5 6.5/8 9/11 9/11 13/16 18.5/22 22/30
Cutting speed
Cutting Power
0.85/1.1 1.3/1.8 2.4/3 4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5 4.5/5.5 6.5/8 9/11
¢Ù Features of Equipment
1. The machine adopts horizontal barrel (cone) structure. Its structure is reasonable.
2. The inner surface of equipment has no dead corner. It works at sealed state and conforms to the requirements of GMP.
3. Short granulating time, high efficiency and energy saving
4. The character of granule is uniform and the fluidization of granule is good. It provides ideal granule material for tablet pressing procedure.
5. Compare with traditional process, it can reduce 25% of binder and shorten drying time too.
6. Each batch needs 2 minutes to dry mixing and 1 ¡« 4 minutes to granulating. Compared with traditional process, its efficiency can raise 4 ¡« 5 times.
7. Whole operation has strict safe protective measures.
¢Ú Features of Structure

1.This machine consists of stirring system, machine frame, mixing drum and electric cabinet.
¡¡Stirring system: includes engine, worm speed reducer and blades. It is well sealed to prevent oil leak out.
2.Mixing drum is installed in the machine frame, made of sus304 stainless steel. Special shape of drum is easier to clean.
¡¡There is gas valve in the bottom of the drum to discharge the finished products.
3.Cover of drum and the drum have been sealed tightly and transmission shaft is installed gas seal device, to prevent material out or other pollutant in.
4. Safety design, when drum cover and product¡¯s exit opened, the engine cannot be started.

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