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Products - Details
Keywords: Clean Bench
Products No. Hopeland C121
Name: Clean Bench
Equipment Picture
BJ-1(2)CD Clean bench is a purifying equipment controlling the high cleanliness air in operation area by intelligent setting. The equipment adopts unidirectional airflow, the air indoor is put into the static pressure box through pre-filter, then pass through HEPA and high cleanliness unidirectional airflow in opeartion area formed.
Technical Parameters
Model BJ-1CD (one person one side) optional locating BJ-2CD (one person one side) optional locating
Display mode LCD LCD
Airflow direction Vertical flow Vertical flow
Working face 1 1
Cleanliness Class 100@0.5µm(Fed 209E) Class 100@0.5µm(Fed 209E)
Airflow speed range 0.3-0.6m/s(adjustable) 0.1-0.6m/s(adjustable)
Noise 62dB 62dB
Vibration/half peak 3µm(X, Y, Z directions) 3µm(X, Y, Z directions)
Iilluminance 300LX 300LX
Working zone (mm) 830*700*520 1300*700*520
Overall DIM.(mm) 830*700*520 1460*725*1577
Size & No. of HEPA 765*548*50 1236*549*50
Size & No. of fluorescent lamp/UV light 30W/20W 40W/30W
Weight (Kg) 115 205
Power consumption (Kw) 0.2 0.37
Power supply AC220 10V 50/60Hz AC220 10V 50/60Hz
Structure Feature:
Sorts:Vertical flow, one person one side and two person one side.
Material: Outer adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate with baking paint sub-light cladding to avoid ray radiation, operation table adopts SUS304 stainless steel material which is anti-corrosive and easy to clean.
Performance Feature:
Adopts high efficiency acentric fan, steady rotate speed, and low noise;
Display system: adopts wide LCD screen, displays work parameters such as wind speed, work time accumulativing, differential pressure, clock and running state of HEPA;
Filtration system: Equipped with HEPA, set the pre-filtration as the middle efficiency filtration system to extend the uselife of HEPA, make the working area accord with Class 100 of Fed209E;
Alarm with sound and light when HEPA appears invalidation;
Wind speed can be set from 0.3-0.6m/s, six sections can be adjusted and displayed;
Two sides of lucid toughened glass with wide angle of view and good daylighting;
Adopts counterweight type moveable door that can be located in the stated range;
Interlock device of floodlight and UV light to ensure the safe use;
Euipped with anti-splash built-in power socket;
Equipped with air supply and water supply interfaces;
Front window meets the design of 10¡ã incline of the principle of human engineering, which makes the user more comfort;
Separate the cabinet from the rack for convery and move, it's slinky and applied;
Rack has moveable truckles and locating balance vertical props which brings the agile move and reliable location.
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