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Keywords: Turbo Mill,Turbo-style Mill,Mill
Products No. Hopeland C111
Name: Turbo-style Mill
Equipment Picture
HL Turbo-style Mill is a new generation mill manufactured by our company in absorption of the advantages of Germany NIZI products and in accordance with our experience in material crushing. The mill is mainly used in pulverization and processing of materials with medium and low rigidity among chemicals, dyestuff, accessory ingredients, feedstuff, foodstuff (such as ginger, chili, pepper, naked oat, soybean, aniseed, cassia, and tea), pharmaceuticals, non-metallic mines, etc. Having the advantages of high output, fine grain size, low rumbling noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance and convenient installation, it is particularly suitable for pulverization and processing of low-rigidity materials of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, feedstuff and non-metallic mines.
Working Principle
While the Turbo-style Mill runs, the principal axis and turbo are driven by electric motor to rotate with high speed. Turbo and abrasive blocks around the screen are functioned as smashing and pulverizing pairs. When materials entry the cabinet from the feed hopper, they rub closely in the rotating air stream of turbo and are lashed strongly onto the inner side of vanes, and are pulverized again in the gap between vanes and abrasive bricks. While smashing materials, the turbo absorbs a great deal of air which is used to cool the machine, pulverize the materials and carry fine materials. The smashing fineness of materials lies on the nature of materials, size of the screen, and the amount of materials and air.
The axle bearing component of WF Turbo-style Mill is installed of tailor-made labyrinth seal, which can effectively prevent dust from coming into the axle bearing cabinet, and thus the operation life of axle bearing is prolonged.
Technical Parameter
Model HL-20 HL-30 HL-40
Production Capacity (kg/h) 20-150 30-300 40-800
Feed Size (mm) 6 10 12
Smashing Fineness (mesh) 30-200 30-200 30-200
Weight (kg) 250 320 550
Speed of Main Shaft (r/min) 6000 3800 3400
Total Power (kW) 4-5.5 7.5-11 11-15
1. Strong smashing power, low energy consumption, and comparatively small fineness of products.
2. With large smashing space, the supreme air pressure produced while the turbo rotates can not only increase the throughput and reduce the over-smash phenomenon, but also can effectively avoid sediment and blockage of screens during the smashing process of materials.
3. Owing to the strengthened cutting, the smashing power of fibroid materials is higher than that of common equipment.
4. Screens are convenient to install, reliable of fixing, and all adopt the plug-in type. Comparing to ring screen, their service life is much longer.
5. Because of the inner concealed motor, the center of gravity of the machine is lowered, and as a result, the noise of equipment is effectively reduced.
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