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Keywords: Cutting Machine,Cutting Plant,AAC Cutting
Products No. Hopeland A102
Name:Cutting Machine (for AAC Production Line)
Equipment Picture
Cutting Machine is a main equipment of AAC Production Line. In the annual production capacity of 50,000 M3 and above, this machine is a core machine. Because of our advanced technology, it reduces the damage of the block in the second hoisting. So, the products sell well all over the country, and won the overwhelming majority of users.
Working Principle
1. Aerial turnover crane brings the green cake in to sky, turnover 90 degrees, puts it onto the cutting car, cuts the base body with side panel which is powered by electric and walk to stay, finish cuts vertically.
2. Cutting car continues moving after the central position of the crosscut device stops, the crosscut device is started, crosscut shelf cuts the block from top to bottom in vertical cutting.
3. Cutting car walks to organize into groups. The hanger hangs the green cake, and raise up out of curing car, cutting car returns to primitive position to carry on the next cutting circulation.
Technical Parameter
Serial No. Item Unit Target Remark
1 Production Capacity M3/Year 5-15 Annual
2 Size M Net
3 Number of Mould mm 5/10

 cutting/ crosscut

4 Cutting Precision mm 211 Length Wide/Height
5 Product Cycle min/Mould 5   
6 Weight t 22   

Electric Capacitance

kw 18

 cutting/ crosscut /Hydraulic

1. The machine structure is simple and practical, the maintenance is easy;
2. The green cake is sideward, so the width of the whole green cake is 600mm, and the height is 1200mm. Steel wires for cutting is short, which is also difficult to rupture and float. It is high in cutting precision;
3. The vertical cutting device is fixed. Crosscut device cuts the green cake vertically by steel wires. It shortens the cutting steel wires length, guarantee precision of cutting;
4. This machine cuts the green cake in Hexahedron-type, so the products quality wont be influenced by the distortion of the mould;
5. Cylinder Tension, which supply gas to each wire respectively;
6. Avoiding the wires being stretched off by using a special device;
7. Life of the wire can extend (Usually 10 days, Now 20 days);
8. Operating it in use of the computer touch panel, realize separation of Man-Machine.

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